Tap into the power of the Industrial Internet with GE

The consumer Internet ushered in an unprecedented age of communication and commerce. Now, at the dawn of the Industrial Internet, the engineers at GE Software are driving the next wave of innovation.

Watch GE CEO Jeff Immelt discuss how GE Software is advancing the Industrial Internet.

"GE’s push into software that harnesses big data and analytics to make more efficient machines is a big deal."
"One of the most influential companies in high technology right now may be a 135-year-old industrial stalwart."
“General Electric Co.’s efforts to move to an iterative approach to software development known as Agile are starting to pay off."
"As Big Data has become the main frontier for innovation and growth in the marketplace, GE has stepped up to lead the charge."
"Imagine the difference GE's optimization efforts could make…"
"GE is, as they say, doing it right."
GE is "at the forefront of outcome driven productivity solutions for large vertical markets."
"G.E.'s 'Industrial Internet' Goes Big"
"GE’s industrial internet focus means it’s a big data company now."