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Today innovative software is providing new ways for industrial companies to gain a competitive advantage. But harnessing that potential from scratch isn't easy. You need to bring together device connectivity, data integration and management, data analytics, cloud, and mobility all in a way that works seamlessly together and intuitively for all the members of your business. That's why GE created Predix.

At the intersection of people, machines, big data, and analytics stands Predix, the cloud-based platform for creating innovative Industrial Internet applications that turn real-time operational data into insight for better and faster decision-making.

Why Predix?

It's simple: Cutting-edge information technology (IT) for leading-edge operational technology (OT). Predix provides the technical foundation to power industrial apps that drive outcomes ranging from the reduction of unplanned downtime to improved asset output and operational efficiency.

A truly global Industrial IoT platform requires being able to connect a wide variety of machines, sensors, control systems, data sources, and devices. These can include building infrastructure, mining equipment, aircraft engines, healthcare devices, and even government systems. Some of these "things" are modern, while others might still need to be digitized. Predix can securely connect with multiple machines, old and new, from different vendors on very large industrial scales using a heterogeneous mix of data and communication protocols to aggregate data from these devices.

Dealing with the volume, velocity, and variety of industrial data can be challenging. About 80% of any analytics project typically involves gathering and then preparing the data. GE's industrial data approach provides rapid access to all types of data along with timely analytics while minimizing storage and compute costs. Predix is optimized for cost-effective industrial data life cycle management, from machine to plant to enterprise.

Data is worthless without analytics. Tap into existing data analytics components and services to get a head start and simplify the life of your developers creating IoT applications. Predix provides services that enable developers and data scientists to deploy effective analytics. Pre-packaged services for machine learning, heuristic analysis, and physics- and engineering-based modeling will drive faster, more accurate insight and foresight. Predix incorporates years of insights building advanced machines and leverages expertise from the GE businesses and partners to enable mission-critical IoT applications.

Predix integrates cloud and mobile technology so that you can focus on innovation. Applications built on Predix can be delivered in several different models. The platform supports building responsive web applications that scale gracefully from smart phone to big glass in a traditional app development model or in a more contemporary cross-platform browser application. Predix allows developers to simplify the delivery and consumption of applications by using the automation and elasticity of cloud computing for faster time to market, improved agility, and reduced operating and capital expenses.

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Predix accelerates the time to market creating opportunities for new business models, innovation, and invention.

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