Getting to No Unplanned Downtime

When big machines go down suddenly due to unexpected issues, the impact to industrial operators can be substantial.  An unplanned repair is costly, but of greater importance is the lost revenue opportunity during periods of extended downtime:

  • Interrupted oil output when well production is taken offline suddenly
  • Airline schedule delays and cancellations for unexpected aircraft repairs
  • Customer and public perception issues from power outages

Industrial companies are taking action with predictive maintenance to avoid the effects of unplanned downtime.

4 billion dollars are wasted from airline cancellations due to unplanned repairs

Waste from airline cancellations due to unplanned repairs

8 million dollars in annual revenue are missed per concentrator due to unplanned downtime

Per concentrator missed annual revenue opportunity due to unplanned downtime

Change the game with Predictive Maintenance

What if industrial companies could predict when big machines are going to fail? 

Insight into equipment function down to the component level with machine sensors and big data analytics allows companies to take proactive action for continuous operation.

Analytics for Bottom-Line Impact

Machine sensors and sophisticated monitoring systems are capturing a wealth of data from a broad spectrum of industrial equipment. Industrial companies are using big data for real productivity and profitability gains – from asset to operations optimization. These innovations include:

  • Increased profitability with greater turbine power at an LNG plant
  • Greater ore production from mining operations
  • Improved patient experience with efficient hospital operations to speed care delivery

With GE Predictivity, big data analytics that help companies drive bottom-line results are a reality for industrial companies – today and every day.

Increase wind farm output by up to 5%

Improve mine throughput from 1-10%

From Asset to Operations Optimization

Managing equipment assets with insights from big data analytics presents great financial opportunities. Using analytics for operational efficiencies can drive even greater profitability for industrial machines.


Advanced Technologies for Business Results

Industrial companies are seeing opportunities with the use of new technologies that are paving the way to better business decisions and ultimately, greater profitability. Petabytes of big data, garnered from intelligent machine sensors, advanced analytics, new mobility strategies, data visualization, and cloud configurations are changing the operating landscape of today’s industrial companies.

Drive hygiene compliance for healthcare facilities with sensor tags on hand washing equipment

Link oil field inspectors with experts anywhere globally with real-time video links and collaboration tools

Technology Transformation

Industrial companies are leveraging advances in big data analytics, mobility, data visualization, and cloud computing to create profit opportunities.

Predictivity Solutions by Industry

Solutions for the Industrial Internet spanning industries and driving value


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