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Oil and gas companies today are examining ways to remain competitive and to position for growth in a challenging environment with increasing production costs and a dwindling workforce pool.  In the face of expanding alternative energy sources, a well-balanced strategy is essential to ensure both short-term survival and long-term success.  Winning approaches will include:

  • Strategies to maximize production at every stage of the oil and gas life cycle.
  • Plans for new energy sources to shield against economic instability.
  • Improve field workforce productivity.
  • Mechanisms to extend the life of operational assets to defer capital investment.
  • Work processes that transform labor requirements with more efficient operations.
7 million dollars in revenue are lost  per day for an offshore well out of commission Lost revenue for an offshore well out of commission
150 million dollars per year cost for mid-sizing LNG facility due to unplanned downtime Average cost for a mid-sized LNG facility due to unplanned downtime

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Analytics for Oil & Gas

How can analytics and other advanced technologies assist oil & gas companies in achieving their business goals? With advancements in sensor technologies that can operate in harsh conditions and the ability to analyze the resulting petabytes of data, GE brings new capabilities for the transformation of work processes, using data insights combined with significant industry knowledge. With GE Industrial Internet, oil & gas companies can:

  • Reduce production interruption, with early issue detection and predictive maintenance.
  • Identify possible offshore issues and potential leaks with sound wave technology.
  • Increase onshore well production with continuous monitoring—across the entire field.
  • Leverage key knowledge holders with data visualization and remote collaboration tools.
Saved by diverting catastrophic oil machine failure with System 1
Spotlight Technology Awards won by GE at 2014 Offshore Technology Conference

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GE Industrial Internet detects:

  • Non-return valve opening
  • Unexpected shut-down
  • Unstable compressor condition

GE Industrial Internet Analytic Solutions for Oil & Gas

Industrial Internet solutions for oil and gas leverage the most robust platform for the Industrial Internet, Predix™, to deliver:

Asset Optimization: Maximize asset value and reliability with big data, analytics and data visualization.

Operations Optimization: Integration of analytic insights into operations for greater efficiency and profitability.

Oil & Gas Unified Operations Maximize production with full enterprise visibility

Solution Description Customer Value

Oil & Gas Unified Ops gives oil and gas companies an enterprise visualization and interaction layer for Asset and Operations optimization. By connecting data across the value chain and eliminating data silos, Unified Ops provides the environment needed to enable workflow best practices that facilitate reduced downtime and lower operational expenses across an enterprise.

Unified Ops delivers critical information through a single pane of glass from all your equipment, both rotating and static, across your facilities, regardless of location. It also provides actionable insights and allows users to quickly connect with a network of experts for improved decision-making and action. By connecting machines, people, and data Unified Ops delivers asset and operations optimization.

Unified Operations improves decision-making that supports:

  • Enhanced Safety:  Reduced operational risk through management of equipment health
  • Increased Availability: Best practices enablement for Condition Based Maintenance
  • Operational Visibility:  Enterprise wide visibility to the performance of your assets versus a target
  • Efficient Workforce Enablement:  Connect the right experts to a problem reducing time to resolution

Response Max Data-driven maintenance planning and support for GE assets

Solution Description Customer Value

Oil & Gas Response Max is a software enabled service that delivers faster, better informed responses to a wide range of day-to day challenges at onshore and offshore Oil & Gas facilities. The solution provides real-time, data-driven diagnostics for proactive maintenance planning for GE equipment in Oil & Gas plants. Troubleshooting, remote tuning and performance enhancements are provided by monitoring experts at GE iCenters.

It is built on a digital suite of proven GE services: Advisory Monitoring & Diagnosis (AM&D), excellent outage planning and inventory optimization, integrated in a single web portal. The solution improves maintenance forecasting and planning, while increasing warehouse efficiency through inventory optimization.

  • UP to 10% reduction turn-around-time
  • Up to 15% reduction inventory costs
  • Just-in-time material availability
  • Excellence in outage planning
  • Real time data sharing and expert collaboration


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Pipeline Management Enabling safer outcomes with enhanced pipeline views

Solution Description Customer Value

Pipeline Management from GE Industrial Internet offers an integrated view of pipeline operations. Built upon Predix™, GE’s secure cloud-enabled software platform, it provides visibility into pipeline networks by capturing new and existing data from disparate sources, historical and more real-time information of asset conditions, and visualizations of related situation awareness factors.

With faster access to pipeline data, operators are able to make more proactive decisions, potentially avoid costly unplanned downtime, and respond to potential events with a higher level of confidence, leading to safer, more efficient pipeline operations.

  • Enhance safety with exposure to constantly changing events and risks using integrated data and analytics
  • Reduce risk by making faster, better decisions with digitized data stream visualizations
  • Be proactive by using data to more efficiently manage resource allocation and asset maintenance
  • Eliminate resource inefficiencies with one streamlined view of operations
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Sealytics BOP Advisor Ensuring the health and reliability of BOP assets

Solution Description Customer Value

BOP Advisor collects key BOP (Blow Out Preventer) control system data and provides context to identify corrective actions leading to faster troubleshooting and better decision-making. A web-based solution, BOP Advisor grants drilling contractors online access, either onshore or offshore.

The solution provides a health dashboard displaying insights down to the subsystem level, an events module to track specific incident details, and a maintenance module to understand component replacement requirements. The result is an environment that allows the end user to leverage deep data insights.

  • Reduces nonproductive time by providing remote visibility into health of BOP stack
  • Reduces downtime associated with accessing and trending BOP data
  • Optimizes maintenance by allowing visibility into major component replacement and reduces unnecessary parts replacements
  • Provides context to data for faster decision making
  • Converts existing data into actionable guidance
  • Provides remote access to information to onshore engineers for better decision making
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Field Vantage Delivering a 360-degree prioritized view of electrical submersible pump (ESP) wells

Solution Description Customer Value

Field Vantage, from GE Industrial Internet, provides clarity, consistency, and a 360-degree view of your electrical submersible pump (ESP) wells — all in real time, in one format, in one place. The solution extends the useful life of ESPs and other artificial lift systems by providing data collection, condition monitoring, and prioritization of well alarms and events.

The visualization dashboard allows you to make better, faster data-driven decisions so you can focus on your most impactful wells based on priority order. Well operators can dispatch resources to respond quickly and proactively to potential issues, prevent downtime, maximize productivity, and increase profitability of the entire field.

  • Standardization: Consistently captures and categorizes well information, displaying operational, historic, and production data as well as storing well configuration data
  • Prioritization: Helps with ranking the most financially impactful issues so customers can focus on their important wells
  • Integration: Correlates well data by offering a single view of information relevant to all so the team can better understand production performance faster
  • Collaboration: Provides embedded communication and knowledge-sharing functionality
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Inspection Connect Extending valued expertise with remote visualization and collaboration

Solution Description Customer Value
Intelligent NDT devices connect field inspectors with experts anywhere in the world through real-time video links and collaboration tools in a scalable environment. The information is fully accessible through existing browser technologies. For example, when critical oil & gas assets (risers, turbines, BOPs) are being inspected on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico, an expert in Houston can view the inspection in real time and help with decisions. The solution provides:
  • Live video streaming
  • Annotation/white boarding tools
  • Chat communication (2-way)
  • SaaS, browser-based solution (HTML5)
  • Embedded on device software (no additional hardware necessary)
  • Session management
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Reduces downtime by speeding expert knowledge for corrective action
  • Increases productivity by addressing issues in a timely manner
  • Lowers overall maintenance and operations costs by leveraging deep industry expertise across a broader spectrum of equipment and geo locations
  • Creates learning opportunities for on-site staff by having ready access to global expertise
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LNG Max Reliability Ensuring reliability and availability for LNG turbine engines

Solution Description Customer Value

LNG Max Reliability is an outcome-based service that guarantees superior reliability on GE rotating equipment for the LNG and Upstream industry segments. The solution leverages GE OEM design engineering knowledge, coupled with advanced sensors and big data analytics, to increase asset performance.

Sophisticated sensors detect conditions for gas path debris, bearing element damage, blade time arrival and clearance, blade static deflection changes, torsional vibrations, and others that together feed analytic systems that predict potential issues. Reliability Max alerts operators to pending component issues before they become failures.

LNG Max Reliability assures increased levels of machinery reliability beyond current industry standards.

  • Increased reliability of GE units above a specific baseline, based on applicable technology standard (heavy duty/aero derivative)
  • Improved performance – more output, better efficiency and lower emissions
  • Early issue detection with decreased false alarms
  • Root-cause analysis pinpoint issues with accuracy, reducing downtime
  • Increases in scheduled only maintenance means longer blocks of continuous operation and lower operating costs
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Naxys Increasing visibility and reliability for subsea equipment

Solution Description Customer Value

With additional drilling operations moving to the subsea level – leak detection is more important than ever.

Naxys is a standalone, non-intrusive sensor that provides wide area directional coverage up to 500 meters. It leverages cutting-edge acoustic technology that detects both liquid and gas leaks in the subsea environment before they become a potentially costly environmental issue.

Leakages are monitored in real time 24/7. When an abnormal vibration is detected, a warning is sent topside to the operator. The severity of the warning can be assessed by checking the mass balance or complementary leak detector.

Naxys provides topside visibility for subsea acoustic leak detection.

  • Reduced unplanned downtime through real-time system performance and health insights
  • Greater production with early issue detection and scheduled maintenance, extending repair windows
  • Full lifecycle coverage: Flexible non-intrusive configurations provide greenfield and brownfield deployable options
  • Information to support production optimization
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System 1 Evolution Monitoring and managing key plant assets

Solution Description Customer Value

System 1 Evolution is designed to build a smarter framework to enable predictive maintenance through usability, capability, accessibility, and adoption. The solution enables improved machine operation with minimal downtime by recognizing problems before they happen. Machine vibration, temperature, process parameters, servers, data communication, and instrumentation are continuously monitored. Advanced visualization tools provide higher levels of visibility into overall operating health.

  • Enables customers to meet their production commitments while lowering operating and maintenance expenses.
  • Advanced user interface enhances data visualization and provides a complete all-in-one view of the environment
  • Modular architecture that allows experience customization to meet specific needs
  • Vibration monitoring and diagnostics capabilities detect component issues early for preventive maintenance
  • Early warning indication systems that help reduce maintenance costs while increasing uptime and production
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